By Eóin Donnelly The sun is shining again, Kanye West is about to take over the summer months and I can't contain my excitement much longer. The first thing I did when I logged on at work this morning was to book off June 1st and June 8th. On the former date Kanye West will [...]


By Eóin Donnelly A veil of secrecy once separated The Weeknd from his rabid core fanbase; at once addicted to his alluring cocktail of sex, drugs and woozy, downcast RnB he debuted on bedroom mixtape House of Balloons, and with hit after hit piling on top of one another with his ascent into mainstream pop [...]

By Eóin Donnelly As they tend to do, my New Year's Resolution of writing as often as I possibly can took a major backslide in February. In my defence I had a lot on my plate, with a trip to see Kendrick Lamar perform in Amsterdam- not to mention an experiment with psilocybin mushrooms that [...]

By Sean McKenna February 14th, Valentine’s Day to most. I personally don’t buy into that shit. Instead, I thought I’d focus on the fact we just hit the 2 years since the release of The Life of Pablo, so I figured it would be as good a time as any to blurt out a few [...]